If you need to do work on your home or commercial building, you may need a permit before you begin the work. Check with the District Office to review the requirements and type of permit you might require.

Building permits typically cost $50 for an application plus $5 per $1,000 of construction cost.

Development permits cost $100

Building Permits are not required for the following:

  • a single-story storage, wood shed or other accessory building not exceeding 160 sq. ft. or 15 m2

  • minor alterations or repairs valued up to $4,000. ONLY if not creating new rooms or spaces in a buildilng, if non-structural and not related to plumbing or foundation perimeter drains

  • temporary on-site trailers during construction

  • landscaping

  • paving

  • retaining walls

  • signs

  • fences in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw requirements

  • decks attached to a residency ONLY if the deck surface is 2 feet (600mm) or less above the adjacent ground level.

Building Permits are required for all of the following types of work:

  • to build any residential, commercial, institutional or industrial building and some agricultural buildings

  • to build an accessory structure

  • to make renovations, structural changes or major repairs to an existing building

  • to construct or alter a swimming pool

  • to complete an unfinished area in an existing building

  • to install any awning or canopy

  • to move a building

  • to extend or change any plumbing, heating, air conditioning

  • to change the type of occupancy of a building

  • to move or place a mobile home or other temporary structure

  • to build or install any wood burning appliance or chimney

  • to demolish a building

District of Wells Building Permit Application Guide

The Building Bylaw, No 3160, 1996 can be read on the bylaw page of this website. This Bylaw and applicable building and plumbing codes are intended to promote safe, quality construction using up-to-date methods and materials. It is the Building Inspector's job to ensure that construction meets the required standards and regulations.


Official Community Plan and Zoning

Before planning any construction, check with the District of Wells about what uses are allowed on your property by the Official Community Plan (OCP) and the Zoning Bylaw. Unless your project complies with the requirements, you cannot proceed without obtaining bylaw changes or a evelopment variance permit from Council.

Application Requirements

Only complete applications with all required supporting information and documents will be considered for review.

The Application for Building Permit form is available at the District Office. Site Plans and Building Plan must be submitted along with the application fee, minimum $50.00.

Once the application has been approved, which can take up to ten working days, the Building Permit is issued, along with the list of building inspections which are required during the building process, which include the following:

  • all footings and formwork

  • all doundation walls after damp-proofing

  • under slab plumbing and slab preparation

  • water ans sewer services

  • chimneys (footings, smoke shelf and complete)

  • rough-in plumbing (drainage and water distribution)

  • framing

  • insulation and vapour barrier

  • final overall inspection prior to occupancy

  • any other inspections required by the Building Inspector.



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