Wells Volunteer Fire Brigade

Fire protection is provided by the Wells Volunteer Fire Brigade. The WVFB will respond to any fire calls in the Wells Fire District andprovides econdary emergency services when requested and where possible.

The WVFB is the only fire service in the area and is 100% dependent on volunteers. Everyone is welcome and no one is asked to do more than they are comfortable with.

PRACTICES are held every Wednesday from 7pm – 9pm at the Fire Hall. The Fire Hall is located across the school yard.

Everyone is welcome — no previous experience necessary.


Come out and join us!

Fire Chief Caroline Zinz can be reached at firechief@wells.ca


Questions about the Fire Service in Wells — check out these links:


Bylaw No 142, 2015 Fire Services Bylaw

Bylaw No 127, 2013 Fireworks Bylaw


Historical photo of the Wells Volunteer Fire Brigade:

Historical photo of the Wells Volunteer Fire Brigade


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