Local Attractions

Wells Museum

4120 Pooley St, Wells, BC 

The Wells Museum is owned and operated by the Wells Historical Society. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, storing and displaying artifacts, photos and stories of the history of Wells. The society has been around informally since the 1950s, but was incorporated as an official society in 1972. It later established the Wells Museum as a means of connecting community members as well as visitors to the stories of the town’s early days.

The Wells Historical Society maintains an extensive archive of information, artifacts, photographs and newspaper clippings related to Wells’ past. Every item has been catalogued so that it can be made accessible to anyone interested in delving into the area’s history and the stories of its residents. The society and the museum are run almost entirely on the help of dedicated volunteers who live in Wells and do what they do because they love history and believe in preserving the past for the people of the present.

Mandy Kilsby is a member of the Wells Historical Society and has seen first hand how tireless those volunteers have been over the years. She is especially proud of the meticulous work that they have done in organizing and cataloguing the archives. Mandy and the rest of the volunteers are passionate about their small town. After all, there are so many things to appreciate about it. Says Mandy, “I can bike, hike, swim, ski all within a five minute walk of my back door… Everyone who lives here has a story to tell. They have amazing skills and life experience.”

Historical. Engaging. Enlightening.

The town of Wells has an interesting and intriguing history as a hard rock mining town. The placer mines and small operators of the gold rush commonly associated with Barkerville soon morphed into big business undertaken by large companies. The Wells gold rush began when new prospectors came calling with new mining techniques. One was Fred Wells, and it was his name that would grace the town that would eventually be built around the second gold rush.

The Wells Museum tells much of this story as well as the decades that followed, including the end of mining in Wells and what the subsequent decades have brought to the area. Fittingly, the Wells Museum is currently housed in one of the few remaining original mining company buildings. Guests to the Wells Museum are invited to visit the gift shop before leaving and take home a souvenir.



Sunset Theatre

2357 Pooley Street, Wells, BC


The building in which the theatre operates is itself a marvelous piece of Wells’ history. First built in 1934, it served originally as a movie house. It went through several more transformations over the decades, functioning as a dance hall, a gambling house and even a morgue. In the late 70’s the Wells Historical Society operated it as a movie house, but it eventually fell into disrepair. In 1999, current owner Karen Jeffery and her husband, Dave, restored the one hundred-seat historic theatre beyond its former glory. This little gem of a theatre offers two full dressing rooms, green room, concession, box office, an impressive costume and prop inventory and a technical infrastructure that rivals most regional theatres.

Because of its remote location, people are often surprised by the quality and excellence that comes out of this small town theatre. “It is gaining a national reputation for excellence,” says Karen. She acknowledges that it is only the tireless efforts of so many local volunteers and funding partners both past and present that has allowed the theatre to grow into what it is today, with plans for continued growth to a vision of becoming a destination theatre with worldwide renown.

The Sunset Theatre Society is a non-profit organization whose mandate is to produce, nurture and present live professional theatre. Established in 2000, it has been offering programming at the Sunset Theatre in Wells since 2006. Programs include year-round professional theatre, artist retreats, rentals, workshops, musical theatre boot camp and a film festival. The Sunset Theatre serves as a tremendous asset to the community, providing seasonal employment and bringing in artists from across the country.

Creative. Unique. Artistic.

The Sunset Theatre presents, produces and creates live theatre productions with an emphasis on Canadian content and artists. The annual Moonrise Film Festival and Musical Theatre Boot Camp for teens rounds out the programming, offering something for everyone.










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