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Important Community Update

October 30, 2019


Here is a quick update for the Community with regards to the Volunteer Fire Brigade, the Community Fitness Centre and Wells Community Facility (School) Building.


Last night's Public Consultation regarding the Wells Volunteer Fire Brigade had a great attendance.  Staff and Council would like to thank everyone for their input.  

We also would like to extend a huge amount of appreciation to Carrie Chard for stepping in as intern Fire Chief and to all the Fire Brigade Volunteers.

It was a very positive meeting and we look forward to moving forward.

Fire Practices commence tonight. Anyone who is interested in volunteering their time on the Volunteer Fire Brigade is invited to express this interest in writing to the District Office. Chief Chard reminded everyone last night that being a volunteer can look like very many different titles/job descriptions (i.e. helping with paperwork, helping with cleaning equipment and the shop/s....etc....)


At the Regular Council meeting last night Council approved applications for two grant streams.  1) Through UBCM for up to $30,000 in new fire brigade gear and training; and 2) Through NDIT for up to $250,000 in updates needed for the Wells Community Hall (new roof, new fire alarm system, re-finished flooring for the upper hall).

Council also approved a letter of Resolution for support from the City of Quesnel for training the volunteers of the fire brigade.


The Community Fitness Centre- On Monday staff received new gym equipment for the fitness Centre.  The new equipment consists of:

  • New Progression 680 spin bike
  • New Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike
  • New Nautilus Eliptical Trainer
  • New Bowflex Rod upgrade
  •  New Bowflex Treadmill
  •  Two new Aerobic Step 
  •  New neoprene free weights (2lbs to 10lbs each)
  •  4 New Fitness/Exercise Mats
  •  New interlocking Judo mats for Safety surface under equipment.
  •  New 32" HDTV 
  •  New CD/Blue Tooth Player with speakers
  •  New DVD Player 
  •  Mirrors to come

(This equipment was purchased out of remaining grant funds)


A HUGE Thank you to all the Volunteers who assisted the District in transferring the original gym equipment from the location located in the school building to the side rooms off the Banquet Room located at the Community Hall.

Also a HUGE Thank you to Jenn Lewis for volunteering to head a task force in helping to set up all this equipment.  The group is meeting at the Community Hall at 11:00am on Thursday October 31st, anyone who is willing to help set the gym back up is welcomed and appreciated.  THANK YOU!


Fitness Centre Memberships:  Once the gym is assembled and ready to go, new liability forms will need to be signed.  

NO MINORS (under 16) are permitted on the equipment.  New Door keypads (one for the main hall entrance exterior door and one for the gym entrance off the banquet room) are being installed.  Once you sign the new waiver you will receive your new code. 


There have been security issues at the Community Hall.  Staff are finding doors being left unlocked, lights on, heat turned up and windows open. 

There is no sharing of keys and/or new door lock codes for the fitness centre.  This is a risk to the District.  

Every time Staff must change locks comes at an expense to the Community.  There also will be zero tolerance for sharing gym memberships.  Everyone must be of age and sign a liability waiver.  If you share your keys and/or code you will be asked to surrender your key, and/or your code will be disabled, you will forfeit your gym membership with no refund.  A security system is also being installed at the hall. 


The School Building- Staff and Council still do not have concrete information.  The mould assessment was received yesterday afternoon and is available at the office should anyone not receive the emailed copy through the District List Serv.  It was great news!

Staff are still waiting to hear back from WorkSafe BC and Northern Health. 

Once all information is collected, further public consultation will be had.


Staff have also commenced the flooding of the ice rink.  If anyone would once again be willing to volunteer their time in maintaining the rink that would be greatly appreciated.  Staff will help where we can.  We would like to get a firepit with an enclosed bottom so that people may enjoy a fire under the new pavilion to help keep warm, we would just kindly ask that everyone be respectful and clean up after themselves. Firewood will not be supplied by the District.  Staff are also wondering if there are any individuals who may be interested in creating a snow ball team or OTL fun team (Over the Line)?  


Anyone who has further input, questions, concerns, please do not hesitate to contact myself or staff.  There is a drop box located at the side entrance of the office you are all welcome to place anything in writing in that drop box for our attention.  Also, email, in person, and calling.


Happy Wednesday!


Donna Forseille
Chief Administrative Officer | District of Wells

Box 219, Wells BC V0K 2R0 | P: 250.994.3330 

Email: |




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