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Wells-Barkerville Cemetery

The Wells-Barkerville Cemetery is located a few hundred yards north of Barkerville on Reduction Rd. 
The Cemetery has three main sections, 

  1. The Historic section contains close to 200 graves, many of which include death-related details on their headstones.
  2. The Legion section contains about 100 graves, primarily those of WW I & WW II Veterans and their families.
  3. Community section has approximately 120 graves and services in the local area. It contains both casket and cremation plots. 

There is a large, undeveloped section earmarked both for burial plots and a Memorial Area which, when completed, will exhibit historic headstones, and pay tribute to unmarked burials. New burials are permitted in the Community and Legion Sections only. 


Burials are permitted between May and October, or as snowfall and ground conditions allow. There will be no burials when there is snow cover. Requests for burials at other times will be considered on an individual basis. Due to unfavourable ground conditions, it is not possible to dig “extra deep” graves for burying two coffins in the same plot, although additional cremated remains may be interred in occupied coffin and cremation plots. 

Each interment requires a separate consultation. Interments must be below ground level and are intended solely for human remains. There must be at least one meter of earth between ground level and the top of the coffin and one foot of earth between ground level and the top of the urn/ashes. In addition to obtaining permission, a copy of the Death Certificate and payment must be returned to the District of Wells. 

Grave digging responsibilities lie with the Estate Representatives requesting the burial, but assistance will be provided in directing how the excavation will be carried out, and, if desired, in locating a company or individual to prepare the interment site. If access, snow removal, surveyor, or other services are needed, any additional charges are borne by the Estate Representative(s). A cost estimate will be provided for approval prior to any work being undertaken. 



  •     • Coffins (5 ft. x 10 ft.) $350 
  •     • Cremated remains (3 ft. x 3 ft.) $200 

Additional Interments in Occupied Plots:

  •     • Cremated Remains Only $100 

While the District of Wells is responsible for supervising work conducted in both the general area and the plots, it is the responsibility of the Estate Representative(s) to purchase and install memorial markers, rails, and fences, and to ensure that these conform to the standards set by the Committee. Estate Representative(s) are also responsible for any repairs to individual graves required because of climatic conditions or vandalism.

For more information please contact the District of Wells Office,
Phone: 250-994-3330


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