Welcome to the District of Wells

Wells may be small, but it is brimming with activity. Wells is a mining town and a centre for artists and outdoors enthusiasts. It is a surprisingly diverse town nestled in the mountains of the Cariboo.


Whether you love visual, written, musical or theatre arts, you can find it in Wells. Over the years, Wells has attracted artists of all types and has encouraged the creativity of its youth. The result is that art is now an essential part of our identity.


The area around Wells actually had two gold rushes. The first created Barkerville while the second, in the 1930’s created Wells. The town was originally a company townsite for the Cariboo Gold Quartz Mine and reached it’s largest population size of over 4000 in the 1940s. The town takes pride in its history and many of the unique heritage buildings have been preserved and restored.


Wells is the perfect place to begin your Cariboo adventure. At 1200 meters, you’ll find our clean, crisp mountain air invigorating. Wells is also the closest town to Barkerville and the Bowron Chain of Lakes, take a moment or a couple of days on your way through to see what other adventures await!


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