Garbage & Recycling


Garbage collection is provided by a contractor hired by the District of Wells. For pickup, please ensure that your refuse is in a garbage bag contained in a closed garbage can by 7 am on pickup days. 

Collection days are:
Residential: Thursdays
Commercial: Thursdays, with additional collection on Monday from June 1 to Sept 30

For larger items or if you miss collection days, you can dispose of items yourself at the transfer station.  The Wells Transfer Station is located at 10720 Barkerville Hwy.

**Please ensure garbage bags and large items are disposed of in the transfer station bin. The wood waste yard is for wood waste only, including trees, branches, and dimensional lumber. All other materials such as furniture, treated lumber, plastics, rubber, ceramic, wiring, insulation, etc. belong in the transfer station bin. The metals yard is for metals only. All product stewardship items such as tires, used oil, automotive coolant, oil filters, electronics, beverage containers, compact fluorescent lights, batteries (household and auto), medications, paints, flammable liquids, pesticides, and cell phones can be dropped off at local depots for recycling. Refer to the recycling and product stewardship guide.**



The Recycling Depot is operated locally by the Wells and Area Community Association..

The hours of operations are:
Summer Hours (May 1 - Sept 30): Thursday from 3-8 pm and Saturday from 11am to 4pm.
Winter Hours (October 1 - May 31): Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 2pm.

For a list of what is accepted at the depot click here

Recycling drop off is ONLY available during operating hours.  Please do not leave recycling behind on days Depot is closed due to animal activity in the area. 



Share Shed

Share sheds are provided for the re-use of general household items that are in good condition. Please take clothing to your local thrift store, as they quickly deteriorate in share sheds. All electronics and small appliances should be dropped off at your local product stewardship depot, rather than a share shed. Refer to the product stewardship guide