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  • 2023 06 03--1:49pm--Tax Notices Update.  It is our intent to have Tax Notices completed for distribution on Friday June 9th or sooner.  Once your notice is received, then those that are eligible can secure their homeowner grants.  There is an extensive amount of work to ensure the notices are accurate, and we are working closely with BC Assessment and the Province on the process.  Taxes will be due by July 4th at 4:00pm.  For more information, contact Mayor Ed Coleman at 250-991-9034.

  • 2023 06 03--11:14am--Emergency Management Update.  The Local State of Emergency expired and did not require extension.  The Emergency Operations Centre remains in-place for the one family from the Sugar Creek section of the District of Wells.  It is anticipated the rural road repair for Sugar Creek will be completed by June 8th, weather permitting.  The lessons from the Wildfire's to-date in the Wells, Barkerville and Bowron areas are that the ground is very dry, creating the condition for rapid fire growth; this we will need to be aware of and prepared for when any new fire occurs.  For more information, contact Mayor Ed Coleman at 250-991-9034.

  • 2023 05 25--12:05am--Emergency Management Update.  All emergency events have stabalized at this time. 

  • 2023 05 20--8:13am--Emergency Management Update.  1. Crews are working on Sugar Creek Road today, and Tuesday and Wednesday.  2. There are two Wildfires of Note, and full crews, heavy equipment, and helicopters are in-place, creating fire guards as needed to manage the fires.  Call Mayor Ed Coleman at 250-991-9034 at the District of Wells Emergency Operations Centre for any additional information need.  Go to BC Wildfires Map for more information, below is the most recent update:

    C10382; Last Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2023 at 7:18:33 AM; Discovered On: Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 9:34:12 PM; Size: 19 Hectares; Fire size is estimated and based on the most current information available.  Location 1.2 km W of Heyde Creek.  C10395; Last Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2023 at 8:00:19 AM; Discovered On: Friday, May 19, 2023 at 10:54:12 AM; Size: 19 Hectares; Fire size is estimated and based on the most current information available. Location 1.6km SE of Towkuh Creek.  

  • 2023 05 18--1:42pm--Declaration of State of Local Emergency--Sugar Creek Road Washout, isolating one family residence.  For more information, call Mayor Ed Coleman at 250-991-9034 or  Declaration of State of Local Emergency (click here). Map of Emergency Area.

  • Wells Primary Care Clinic Update:  Summer Days will be the Third Tuesday of June, July, August, and September.  Summer hours will be 9:00am to 4:00am by Appointment Only; call Quesnel Primary Care to book your appointment at 250-992-8321.

  • 2023 05 15--11:24--Waster Water/Sewer System Challenges--Lift Station Repaired and work continues on full replacement of pumps and electrical systems, entire system being pumped out for build up in mainlines and access holes, and Engineered mitigation occuring on vulnerable access holes to the system.

  • 2023 05 15--11:22am--Srtucture Fire Update--Fire was contained by Wells Fire Brigade to the Property, Rental Resident assigned ESS support, burnt Telus Lines on Road-Side being repaired today, Owner has Insurance, and adjuster assigned and will be working with Mayor and Fire Chiefs.

  • 2023 05 12--4:30pm--Structure fire in process, and considered within control under the Wells Fire Brigade; there are serious losses of structure and other assets on the property.  One Ambulance, one citizen injured and treated on-scene.  Three RCMP Cruisers on Site from Quesnel.  Emergency Support Services for the citizen is under City of Quesnel ESS.  For additional information call Mayor Ed Coleman at 250-991-9034.

  • 2023 05 06--2:00pm--Flooding and Slide Update--Beaver Pass Washout is "in-hand" with a Bridge on standby if needed; Jack of Club Slide is "in-hand" and "on watch"; Wells Highway 26 Bridge and Sewer Line crossing have been assessed by Engineers and Plans are being created for the Willow River near the bridge, approval was granted to "armer" the Sewer Line, which is ocuring today.  A State of Local Emergency will be called by Mayor Coleman if Highway 26 can not stay open. If a State of Local Emergency is called Emergency Operations Centres will be opened in Wells at the District Office in partnership with the Cariboo Regional District and one in Quesnel at Spirit Centre in partnership with the City of Quesnel.  RCMP, BC Ambulance, CRD, City of Quesnel, BC Wildfire Service (that supports flooding as well as wildfires), Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Ministry of Forests, Barkerville Historic Town & Park, and other partners will all be involved.  The emergency road exit route has be "graded" which is the 2400 Road at Beaver Pass, to the 1000 Road, 700 Road coming out at Dunkley Lumber (4 wheel drive only)  Emergency briefings with the Province of BC are taking place daily.  For more information call Mayor Ed Coleman at 250-991-9034.

  • 2023 05 03--3:08PM--Highway 26 Jack of Clubs Lake and Beaver Pass Flood and Slide "Events"--The Beaver Pass Culvert is being worked on with an Engineer reviewing it again today.  There is a slide at Jack of Clubs Lake by the Visitors Centre Parking Lot; it is being reviewed by the same Engineer.  Emcon is addressing both situations and the Region Highways Manager is monitoring both situations closely.  If either "problem event" creates a prolonged road closure, Mayor Ed Coleman will have to call a "Local State of Emergency" in concert with the Ministry of Transporation and Infrastructure.  For more information call Mayor Ed Coleman at 250-991-9034.

  • 2023 05 01--9:41PM--Water Levels Monitoring Notice.  With conditions on HIghway 26 and the Willow River water levels the following is in-place:  If Highway 26 fails, the Acting Mayor Dirk Van Stralen will estabish a Local State of Emergency with Emergency Management BC.  We are confident that Emcon and MOTI will keep the highway in-place.  Public Works Superintendent, Niel Dirksen and staff, will monitor the Willow River levels and keep the Mayor and Acting Mayor informed.  Engineers are being secured immediately for the Willow River levels and monitored erosion.  For more information contact our Corporate Officer Angie Ward at 250-994-3330 or Mayor Ed Coleman at 250-991-9034. (All messages will be monitored and followed-up, thank you for your patience in advance.)

  • Wells portion of P63--Province of BC Growing Communities Fund is $588,000.






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